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Monthly Willmott and Matsuura Global Precipitation (1950 - 1999)

This interface is designed for visualization and analysis of the Monthly Willmott and Matsuura Global Precipitation (1950 - 1999).
Users can generate plots or ASCII Output for area average (Lat-Lon Map), time series (Time Series), and Hovmoller diagram. The animation is available for Lat-Lon Maps. Selecting here or the Help buttons will open a new window with detailed help. More details about the data are also available.

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    (Data Begin: 1950/01)
    (Data   End: 1999/12)

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Data Description

Cort Willmott Monthly Accumulated 0.5° x 0.5° Rainfall Data

Spatial coverage: 90°S - 90°N Global
Spatial resolution: 0.5° x 0.5°
Temporal resolution: Monthly
Documentations: README (text file)
README (html file)
Data Access: FTP download the original binary data file
FTP download the binary data file containing only monthly total precipitation

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