TRMM Online Visualization and Analysis System (TOVAS)

Important: New Web Host for TOVAS (2013/06/24)
As planned, most TOVAS instances listed below in this page have be converted to the new system and can be accessed through the new TOVAS landing page,

Major Changes:

1) The way to obtain a map for precipitation accumulated over a period has been changed in the new TOVAS. To obtain such map, select "accumulated_precipitation" from the parameter list and "Lat-Lon map, Time-accumulated" from "Select Visualization."

2) The "Lat-Lon map, Time accumulated" service is intended only for this parameter, "accumulated precipitation" or the like. Using it for other parameters may not make physical sense.

3) New output formats: HDF, NetCDF, ASCII, and Google Earth KMZ.

This landing page will be re-directed to the above new landing page soon.

Questions or concerns:

Welcome to TOVAS, a member of the Giovanni (GES-DISC DAAC On-line Visualization and Analysis System) family, which provides users with an easy-to-use, Web-based interface for the visualization and analysis of Earth Science data.

Note: The Java Version uses Java applet for interactively selecting an area of interest. If you have difficulties in using the Java Version, please try the Non Java Version.

Near-Real-Time Monitoring Product (For research, use Archive Data.)

Experimental Real-Time TRMM Multi-Satellite Precipitation Analysis (TMPA-RT): 3B42RT JAVA_Version  Non_JAVA_Version
Daily Global and Regional Rainfall (TMPA-RT 3B42RT derived) JAVA_Version  Non_JAVA_Version
TMPA-RT Intermediate IR Product: 3B41RT (VAR) JAVA_Version  Non_JAVA_Version
TMPA-RT Intermediate Microwave Product: 3B40RT (HQ) JAVA_Version  Non_JAVA_Version

Rainfall Archives

Monthly Global Precipitation (GPCP) JAVA_Version  Non_JAVA_Version
Prototype Interactive Intercomparison of Rainfall Products JAVA_Version  Non_JAVA_Version
3-hourly TRMM and Other Rainfall Estimate (3B42 V7) JAVA_Version  Non_JAVA_Version
Daily TRMM and Other Rainfall Estimate (3B42 V7 derived) JAVA_Version  Non_JAVA_Version
Monthly TRMM and Other Data Sources Rainfall Estimate (3B43 V7) JAVA_Version  Non_JAVA_Version
Monthly Rainfall (3B43 V6) Anomaly JAVA_Version  Non_JAVA_Version
Inter-Comparison of Rainfall Climatology JAVA_Version  Non_JAVA_Version
Monthly TMI rain, latent heat, cloud liquid water profiles (3A12 V6) JAVA_Version  Non_JAVA_Version
Monthly Rainfall (3A25 V6) JAVA_Version  Non_JAVA_Version

Ground Observation Archives

Monthly Willmott and Matsuura Global Precipitation (1950 - 1999) JAVA_Version  Non_JAVA_Version
Monthly GPCC Rainfall (1986 - Present, Monitoring Product) JAVA_Version  Non_JAVA_Version

Continued improvement of this online tool, and the production and dissemination of these data sets, depends on your (our users) informing us on how you have used this tool and these data. We are particularly interested in the value of this tool and these data sets to your research. Please send your comments to

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